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Sara Loren to sign two more Bollywood movies

(Last Updated On: 13/05/2013)

Sara LorenSara Loren, who is a famous model, live dance performer and a famous actress in Pakistani drama industry and got her name changed to Sara Loren from Mona Lisa, has signed two more Bollywood movies. She had a very successful appearance in Bollywood film “Murder 3” and that opened the gates for her in the Bollywood.

She appeared in Pooja Bhatt’s film “Kajraa re” and it got her recognition and fame instantly. Then her appearance in Murder 3 was a major breakthrough and this Murder series franchise has got her recognition. In recent times she worked with Imran Abbas Naqvi, Sohai Ali Abro and Ali Khan in the remake of “Anjuman” and got even more name, fame and recognition.

Time seems to be proving lucky for the actress after the name change and she is making the mark on the film industry in Bollywood. She has been reportedly approached by two Bollywood film makers and not only this; she is also shooting bold photo shoots in India.

Recently she issued a statement and addressed her competitors in the following manner. “Those who are jealous from me, can do hard work and can also be successful. I have signed two new films but not yet in a position to reveal the names of the movies and tell their story. After the success of Murder 3, many big film producers have approached me for films and things will be finalised within few weeks”.

If you want to read more about her, you can read it on the following link.

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