Shusmtia Sen Reciting “Sura e Asar” & Rehman Malik Reciting “Surah Ikhlas”

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 21/08/2013)

You guys remember Rehman Malik reciting Sura Al-Ikhlas? well this time round its Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen who came very close to Mr. Rehman Malik our ex-information minister in recitation of verses of Holy Quran. Sushmita Sen while talking to media about Ramzan and what she likes about Ramzan came up with some verses of Quran and those verses were of Sura e Al-Asar.

She started off and ended in one go mixing things and after that she also translated what she had read a while ago in Arabic. This act of the lovely actress reminded Pakistani’s of Rehman Malik reciting Sura e Al-Ikhlas and who can forget that stunt? Mr. Malik almost 6 times did the same mistake while reciting the very basic and very short chapter of Quran. The whole audience were laughing at him because he was repeating the same mistake keeping the page on which Sura e Al-Ikhlas was written.

Sushmita on other hand was at least very confident and pretended that she had recited it accurately and she wasn’t even holding any page by which she can take some help. On the other hand Mr. Disinformation was very much confused while reciting the holy verses of Quran it seemed that he had learnt it by heart and it was also felt that he couldn’t read Arabic and one can not be sure that either he knew its translation or not.

While the Bollywood actress did knew the meaning as well. Another edge that Bollywood actress have is that she isn’t a muslim so she can get that relaxation but Mr. Rehman Malik being the information minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan didn’t have enough information about Islam. See the video and you will come to the result that I have concluded for now just enjoy the video.

Shusmtia Sen Reciting “Sura e Asar” Comparison with Rehman Malik:

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