Skin Care in Pakistani Summer Season

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(Last Updated On: 27/05/2013)

Summer is making everyone pant these days. Most of the people cannot go with it at all; they try their best to get rid of scotching heat; for instance some people head towards cooler places while others buy anti-summer things to avoid cruel summer rays infect them, especially their skins.
During sunny days, there are certain things that could help to keep away your skin from any damage and dullness. These are easy tips and tricks. They only need little care and attention by your side. Therefore, to fight with the brutal attacks of sun follow the plan below:

If you actually need your skin to glow and shine even in summers please do not forget the significance of water. It is life!
It is life for your skin. It will help your skin to get rid of dryness and hardness. In summers, an average person must take 10/12 glasses of water.

2.Fish Salmon
Get your skin fresh and youthful again and see it glowing with the use of Salmon. It contains Omega 3 and protein needed for your skin cells. Protein repair damaged cells while Omega helps it to remain childlike.

3.Whole-Grain Breads
Keep a stock of Whole-grain products during summers to prepare your skin fight back sun rays. Selenium present in them is good for skin’s health; it is a skin protector against sun rays.

Mango is a vitamin A rich fruit. It helps your skin to remain soft and radiant. It also assists the skin to remain fresh and young.

5.Low-fat yoghurt:
It is a great idea to use low-fat or even plain yogurt to help your skin out. It has calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D which help your skin to fight against sunburns. It could also be applied directly on the skin for skin rehydration.

6.Green Tea:
Green-tea exfoliates. It is best known for its anti-aging effects. It has antioxidants to fight against the sun heat.

Strawberries are great to keep your skin girly and teen. Its mask is also used to keep your skin fresh and glowing. Blueberries also have the anti-aging effect. The duo should be eaten at least once a week in the form of a salad to get best results for your skin.

Beauty Tips for Summer Season In Urdu

Beauty Tips for Summer Season In Urdu

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