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It is confirmed that almost 40% of the apps of BlackBerry 10 are used through integration via Android ports. BlackBerry 10 finally boasts Skype and it is revealed that Skype and BlackBerry are working in collaboration to make it work smoothly. Skype in BlackBerry 10 also works as an Android port. It has been spotted that the Android port for Skype app is based upon Android version 2.3.3. This version of Android is quite old. In fact more than two years have passed when this version of Android was released.

What does this mean? This simply means that Skype for BB10 will not be providing all the new features. BlackBerry expressed their views regarding this and has communicated that Android version 4.1 runtime support will be made available in future updates. So if you are a BlackBerry user and the Skype you’re using looks a little different or old fashioned, there is nothing to worry about.

It is very obvious that to cherish the long-time demands of their customers, BlackBerry had to introduce mobile VoIP. There are many services that BlackBerry could have chosen to integrate in their BlackBerry 10 operating system but they chose Skype. Why was that? Because when it comes to VoIP, for many people it means Skype.

Although BlackBerry users are not fully satisfied with the integration of Skype with BB 10 operating system but this could be the first step towards introducing a fully functional Skype app on BB 10. It should be noted that Skype is not available for every BlackBerry smartphone and initially it is available for use in some models. In order to know the availability of the Skype in your BlackBerry smartphone you have to visit the Skype website and Skype will download in your mobile once it detects whether or not your smartphone is supported by Skype or not.

For BlackBerry Devices with Software BB10 Smartphone: 10.1.0 or higher have an official app by Skype now and is available to download on BlackBerry World

Download Skype for BlackBerry for BB10+ or Higher

Download Skype BlackBerry Older Devices
Skype .jad link for BlackBerry

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