Solar Energy in Pakistan


Finally the era of solar power has arrived in Pakistan and it is getting very popular for small home appliances. People are turning to small devices run by solar power.


The winter season is Pakistan is dwindling and length of summer is stretching. This makes Pakistan an ideal place to implement solar power panels and get a lot of cheap energy as there is a lot of sunshine available which is the key to operate solar panels.

At industrial level, the concept of solar power might be an expensive idea to implement but at domestic level, it is quite functional.

Recently there have been small panels introduced which are good enough to run small devices like low voltage energy savers and low voltage fans. Furthermore a battery can be attached to solar panels and it will get charged and can be used during the dark hours of the day for limited purposes like charging your mobile phones, charging the laptop, running your DSL modem and may be low voltage fans and energy saver bulbs.


The more time you give to the batteries, the more charge they will gather and finally you can utilize them for the suitable purpose.

The only problem in using the solar power panels is that it is not as efficient as one would like it to be. If you want to run a complete home or office on solar panels, you will have to align a huge number of solar panels for which you will need large area and only then one will be able to get enough energy that will run his/her office or home completely.

For the time being, it is quite expensive as you have to invest a lot of money initially in solar panels, the devices that it will run according to the voltage the panels generate and the batteries. Once it is setup, you will have a proper flow of power and should not worry about any power shortage.

It must be kept in mind that it is an expensive and long term investment; therefore you should contact only high quality vendors to install solar panels. Low quality material will give you troubles frequently and the purpose of installation will not be fulfilled. Also it is quite troublesome to maintain the system, so you should learn how to maintain the system as batteries need acid and water level to be maintained and in case of any problem, you should contact the company rather than try to fix the problem yourself.

The future is bright as far as the solar energy is concerned. The day is not far when solar powered vehicles will be a norm on our roads and every device will either completely or partially utilize solar energy to operate.

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