Study in Sweden for Pakistani Student Scholarships 2013

(Last Updated On: 26/11/2015)

It is definitely a big step to move forward and study outside your country, but the bigger step is to choose your destination. There are limitless countries to offer education and facilities for the foreign students. So it is very important why a student should choose Sweden as their destination. The answer is simple- Sweden is different.
Sweden polishes your skills by providing you open environment. It focuses strongly on learning through group work. This thing is very helpful in boasting your confidence. It is best to study at Sweden if your aim is to go for a global job, as it requires innovation, determination and team work. Universities of Sweden foster these qualities in their students. You are close to the latest techniques, modern learning styles and innovative methods of polishing your hidden talents.
Swedish University programs aim to practice rather than theories. Programs like marketing, business and fashion designing are designed in such a way that they close you to these industries in real. It offers students to learn through work experience along with studying. It takes you to a step forward than your peers and contemporary students of from other nations.

Sweden has top three universities in the recent world ranking. Swedish universities encourage your talent and aim to boast your career. Its education system is student-friendly. It encourages its teachers to develop informal relations with their students to make them at home with them. You address your teachers in Sweden, by taking their first name.
Universities out there expect you to take an active part in all the lectures, discussions and conferences held by them. It makes you’re your individualism is strengthened and you are gaining power through learning.
Since it is the most innovative and modern country thus it expects the same from its students. Creation and novelty is deep-rooted in its universities; and these are the two main things important for a learner of any field. Some of the best universities of Sweden are listed here; Lulea University of Technology,  Karolinska Institute, University of Gothenberg, Umea University, Uppsala University, Linkoping University and many more.
Up until 2010,  Sweden has been one of the few countries in Europe where you can study for free. The Swedish Government has then passed a law that charges tuition and application fees for students from non-EU/EEA countries to be supplemented by Swedish Scholarship Programs. In addition, a significant number of Swedish Universities still offer scholarships in the form of tuition waivers for international students.

Rotary International Peace Fellowships

Rotary Foundation : Masters/Certificate
Deadline: 1 July 2013
Study in: various countries
Course starts 2014
Official Scholarship Website

Swedish Institute Study Scholarships for International Students

Swedish Institute : BS/MS Degree
Deadline: 11 Feb 2013 (annual)
Study in: Sweden
Course starts August 2013

Official Scholarship Website

Lund University Global Scholarships in Sweden

Lund University : Bachelors/Masters Degree
Deadline: Jan 2013 (annual)
Study in: Sweden
Course starts September 2013

Official Scholarship Website

Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Developing Countries

European Union : MS/PhD Degree
Deadline:around Dec-Jan (annual)
Study in:  European Countries
Course starts Aug-Sept 2013

Official Scholarship Website

Guest PhD Scholarships in Sweden for Developing Countries

Swedish Government : PhD Degree
Deadline: 1 March (annual)
Study in:  Sweden
Course starts September 2013

Official Scholarship Website


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