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Tapulicious 2 Book Launch by Tapu Javeri

(Last Updated On: 07/06/2013)

“If you want a taste of my book, you’re going to have to eat it”.– Tapu

Tapulicious 2 is Tapu’s second book. He has recently launched it at Indus Valley School of Ats & Culture where he teaches photography. It was a hi-fi event managed by well-known company like Catwalk while Catalyst did its PR. Many famous faces joined him in this event like Maliha Rao, Naznain Tariq, Owais, Moiz Kazmi, Sadaf Mehmood, Tahmina Khalid, Ali and Ather,  Ayyan, Deepak & Shehla Chatoor, Farah Khan, Frishta, Aamna Asani, Feeha Jamshed, Hasan Amin, Hiba and many more.

Tapu Javeri is a celebrated fashion photographer, jewelry and radio artist. He has progressed a lot within years; it is thus his consistent work that has taken him to the sky as he started from small domestic dark room years ago. Tapu has a great observing power and he captures it in his camera very effectively and efficiently.  He is creative as well as observant. He is also an accessory designer like handbags, scarves and T-shirts under the label , ‘Tapulicious’. He introduced this brand which is named after his book with the same name.

“Tapulicious 2” was released on 4th May 2013. It is the sequel of Tape’s first book with the same name.  The book portrays “ Finer Things in Life.” Hasan Amin hosted the book launch.

It began with honoring the author & designer of this scrumptious book. Then the brand counsel member of Magnum, Ms Kiran Aman was called upon to express he views about the event. Then Mr Munir Toufeq, Brand Manager shared his views and appreciated Tapu Javeri’s hard work for this book. In the end, Tapu addressed himself and shared his aims of launching the sequel of “ Tapulicious”.

Tapulicious 2 is actually a book about photography. It covers Tapu’s experiences from 1990s till present. He has covered personalities from all fields of life from fashion models like Aamina haq to renouned authers like Arundati Roy, from celebrities like Fawad Khan to political icons like Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. He also covered legendry singers like Alamgir and Boney M.

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