The Reluctant Fundamentalist

In 2007, a novel with the name of ‘’The Reluctant Fundamentalist” by Mohsin Hamid was released.  I was the best-seller of that time and “The Guardian” considered it the best definition of the decade book. Its subject was socio-political and it thrilled many. Now it is adopted in the form of a film in which stars from multi-nations are appearing such as Meesha Shafi, Kate Hudson, Riz Ahmed, Om Puri, Shabana Azmi, Kiefer Sutherland, Liev Schreiber and so on. Like the novel, it’s a political-thriller. It is based on the affects of International and national politics on the life of a common Paki-American citizen working overseas at Wall Street.
Mira Nair is the director of this upcoming movie while it is produced by Lydia Dean Pilcher. It is going to release soon in a few months. It is written by Mohsin Hamid, Ami Boghani and William Wheeler. Multiple locations like Lahore, Istanbul, New York, Delhi and Atlanta are chosen to shot this film.
A Pakistani youngster, Changez is the protagonist. He lives in America and a stupendous student of Princeton University. After the completion of his university he meets with Erica, a rising writer. He is impressed but the girl is still grieving over the death of her childhood beloved furthermore, she is frigid and lacks warmth in the relationships. She has some abnormalities for which she goes to a mental health centre. Meanwhile, Changez goes to Chile for an assignment and after his return he finds her missing.
Anyhow, he moves on in life, and success is at his door step his peers and boss are very happy with him but he finds himself distracted and disturbed because of the International political scenario round him. He blames himself to be an American slave only; who is always intervening and handling his motherland. The 9/11, the 2001 Indian Parliament Attacks, all affects his career and mind. Therefore, His leaves his job and comes back to Lahore. At Lahore, he becomes a reputed finance professor and a huge critic of USA.
The story of Changez is skillfully depicted as if the happenings in the movie are all real. There are many beautiful sound tracks of famous singers added to it, making it a real treat for all the movie-lovers.

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