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Top Five Social Media Sites in Pakistan

Written by Ahmad A.R
(Last Updated On: 23/06/2013)

Besides Print and Electronic media there is another kind introduced recently for us and that is the “Social Media”.  It has become a “Connectivity Compulsion” now because of millions of reasons, rather It is a norm to have an account on these social media sites and people who are deprived of them are considered to be “left behind” literally.
In Pakistan, social media is becoming a little more than just a “sharing” and “communication” site; it is very influential in fact. There was a research report released recently about the role of social media in the Politics of Pakistan. It claimed that the social media is playing an important role in the politics of Pakistan as political groups are seen especially active on it. But it was only one-sided story; as in my opinion, it is not only politics that has affected by it, but all the fields of life like marketing, personal use, fashion, economics etc.
There are hundreds of social media portals like Zorpia, Orkut, google plus, youthbuk,mylife,meet up,multiply and many more. But the top five (in Pakistan ) among them are listed here:


Facebook is two years older than twitter but more popular and more activated in Pakistan. In 209 it was the most used social medium and it still is but the problem with Facebook is that it is for commoners. It means that anyone could make an account on it even calling them a celebrity or a personality. There are many fake accounts and pages by dummy celebrities on facebook. So in this sense it is not very authentic.
Facebook in Pakistan has played an important role in socialization and esp. in politics recently. The basic reason for it is it has many users and people love to spend time on it. Best example is political party PTI’s election campaign on it. Through facebook people share news, views, videos and discussions of genuine level bloom here.


Twitter, the most authentic socialization site that has more than 500 million users all over the world. It was introduced in 2006 by Jack Dorsey.
Twitter is although not used by masses of our country yet it has a great influence on us for one reason, which is its authenticity. For example, you cannot reply on “Imran Khan” on facebook but you do it blindly on twitter. It has become a helping hand for generating and sharing authentic views, reviews, and news by the celebrities also. Their tweets are very popular and people share them on other Medias as well.


Linked In is meant for professionals basically and thus comparatively less in use by the Pakistani social bugs. It has over 200 million users up till now.  It is meant for making relations like other social media sites.


MySpace has a strong musical influence for the reason that it is owned by the famous American actor and singer Justin Timberlake; yet it is much more than just a musical sharing site.
It came into being in August 2003. Last year, it has 25 million U.S based users. It was overtaken by facebook in 2008, as before that year Myspace was the most visited social network.


Pinterest is launched in 2010 by three fellows Ben, Sciarra and Evan. Pinterest has therefore lesser users as compare to the other sites, yet it is doing well in the social media. It is majorly as photo-sharing site.

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