Veena Broke Record by Receiving 137 Kisses in a Minute

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 04/03/2013)

Veena Malik “The Queen of controversies” once again enhanced her fame by taking another unique step that is getting kissed 137 times in a minute although she was kissed on hand but yet again, she found a new way for getting attention all over the world. She is now registered  in Guinness book of world record by beating Tanoshingo of Japan who received 125 kisses and  Salman Khan’s for receiving 108 kisses in a minute.

The idea behind making this world record is the publicity of her upcoming movie

“The City that Never Sleeps”

The controversy queen set up this record on her birthday and she admitted that its for the publicity of her movie. After setting up world record Veena talked to media and gave very interesting answers to journalists, a few of replies are here under. Answering to the question regarding kiss on lips she said:

” It is otherwise beautiful right! kisses on  the lips is beautiful but i think 137 kisses agar app lips py laingy to kafi sara hygiene problem ho jae ga right ?


She also affirmed that

“I am a celebrity anyway! and if you say that it is for publicity, ok, yeah, we need publicity for ‘The City That Never Sleeps’.

Veena also unrevealed another information that they have planned  to break 19 more world records for the publicity of the “The City that Never Sleeps”.

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