Veena Malik Rejected by NADRA

Written by Ahmad A.R
(Last Updated On: 08/06/2013)

Whenever we talk about Veena Malik, it is for sure that we will tell some gossip or controversy. This time yet again polemical Veena Malik has given her fans a brand new scandal to talk to. She is always surrounded by controversies. There is not a single news up till now about her which is not without scandal, some times she is heard to be “kissed” for making RECORD, some times she goes “Topless” without any reason and yet some other time she will try to show her piousness by hosting “Ramadan Shows” and now there is another scandal by no other than Veena.

This time Veena Malik is reported to be rejected by NADRA. Veena is living in India thus she applied for NICOP i.e. National Identity Card for Oversees Pakistanis to Pakistani Consulate. Her application was rejected due to solid legal reasons. First of all, her exact age is doubted. Her original name is Zahida Malik and she is born in 1982 according to her documents. Her age is therefore thirty one year old. But NADRA is suspicious about the age difference between Veena Malik and her sister. For according to her filed documents she is just two months elder than her younger sister. L.O.L

When questioned about this fact, she was unable to prove it. She did not provide any evidences against her claim and acted like an awful person in front of NADRA. Her documents remained pending for a long time but Veena aka Zahida could not prove them. NICOP is supposed to issue cards to those Pakistani living abroad for different purposes.

Female artists are especially conscious about their ages. They never want to get old, it does not suit their profession otherwise directors would not cast them in major roles in movies thus every girl in the film or television industry is seen young and fresh; none of them exceeds from twenty or thirty. Therefore they go to any extinct to keep themselves young and youthful. You would never have seen a female celebrity especially the polemical ones, telling public their original age. Veena Malik thinks that she is very honest and sincere person, lets see whether she proves it by providing true evidences of her actual age or not.

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