Veena Malik wants to prove herself in Politics

Veena Malik has revealed that her father wants to see her as a politician. She said that one day she will fulfil the dream of her father. For the time being she thinks she is not good enough to compete in Pakistan politics and when the time is right, she will join the politics.

According to Veena Malik her father wanted her to stay in Pakistan and step into Pakistani politics so one day she will definitely give it a go to make her father’s dream come true. She further said that she has worked in some of the news channels in Pakistan and her father determined at that time that she understands political and social issues very well and she can come in handy while serving in the political sphere of Pakistan. She said that her father likes to see her in Shalwar Qameez and whenever she is with him, she wears Shalwar Qameez.

There is no doubt that Veena Malik entered the Bollywood and she is surviving there by doing whatever it takes. One can think of what she will be doing if she comes to politics. Creating controversies out of nothing is her skill and no one do it better than her and if she jumps into politics. Yes she will be great at grabbing the attention of people but does our country can afford to have politicians like her? She is not exactly the politics stuff and in one of the previous article Celebrities vs Politicians, it is quite evident that actors cum politicians have almost no luck in the political sphere. So Veena Malik must keep this in mind while she finally decides to jump in the politics as politics is much worse than Lollywood or Bollywood when it comes to cheapness and immorality.

Umar Farooq

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