Veena Malik’s Wedding Invitation To Imran khan, Shahbaz Sharif & Mushrraf

Veena Malik has found another way to be in news, and that is to discuss politicians or involve them in her comments. The scandal queen Veena has already received great attention after her comments about Sheikh Rasheed. She literally made Sheikh Rasheed angry and she got reply from Sheikh sb as well and in reply to that she warned him to be careful when commenting about her otherwise she will use same kind of language for him and that won’t be good for him.

Today Veena came up with another publicity act and try to make Sheikh Rasheed jealous while giving interview to a private TV channel in and in interview she said that she would love to invite Mr. Imran Khan, Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf and Mr. Shahbaz Sharif but she didn’t took name of Mr. Sheikh Rasheed. She further elaborated why she wanted to invite these politicians she asserted that she loves Imran khan due to his vision.

Regarding Shahbaz sharif she said that she really like the way he do the social works and helps out people, reason behind inviting Mr. Pervaiz Musharraf came up to be that he belongs to army and she also was brought up in Army environment that’s why she have good feelings for him. She also talked about her interest in working in Pakistan industry she said if there comes some good project that is worth doing she is there for Pakistan and she is ready to work with any director producer who wants to work with her. It’s very clever of Veena Malik as she has found a new way to remain alive in news and the way she commented about the three rival politicians is really amazing.

Faisal Sardar

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