Warid Glow – Dosti New Unlimited Data Voice Bundles

Friends and Family (FnF) Daily Unlimited Voice Bundles

Good news for Warid users as Warid has introduced unlimited voice bundles. These bundles can be used to call to friends and family numbers. Customers of Glow package will be able to make unlimited voice calls to ten Friends and Family numbers at a price of PKR 9.99 + Tax. Keep in mind that this offer is only on-net Friends and Family numbers.

Free unlimited calls package is valid for only one day and after that you will have to re-subscribe.


  • Send a SMS to 7777 and write FNF in the message. This will help you activate friends and family offer.
  • Daily chares of PKR 9.99 plus tax applies.

Method of Adding FNF numbers:

  • Send SMS to 2129 and write ADD<Space><number>
  • To delete and replace friends and family numbers, send SMS to 2129 and write DEL<Space><number>
  • There is no limit to adding and removing friends and family numbers
  • To check the list of friends and family numbers, simply send SMS to 2129 and write List in the message.


  • PKR 9 will be charged if you add a friend and family number
  • PKR 2 will be charged if you send SMS to 2129

Method of De-activation

  • Send SMS to 7777 and write FNF<Space>Off in the message.

Unlimited Data Bundle (Daily)

Warid has taken a substantial step towards providing its customers with unlimited browsing 24/7 with unlimited data bundles.

Activation Method

  • Send SMS to 7777 and write UL in the message to get daily unlimited data bundle


  • PKR 9.99 including taxes will be deducted on daily basis for the activation of daily unlimited data bundle

Monthly Data Bundle Packages

If you don’t use much internet on daily basis then monthly data bundles might come in handy. There are currently two monthly data bundles offered by Warid.

  • 500 MB
  • 2 GB

Method of Activation

  • Send SMS to 7777 and write 500MB in the message to subscribe to 500 MB data bundle
  • Send SMS to 7777 and write 2GB in the message to subscribe to 2 GB data bundle


  • 500 MB data bundle is available at a price of PKR 150
  • 2 GB data bundle on the other hand is available at a price of PKR 500

Terms and Conditions:

  • Fair usage police of 100 MB per day applies as far as Daily Unlimited Data bundle is concerned
  • Sending SMS to 7777 will charge the customer with PKR 1 only.
  • Application of taxes is mandatory on Friends and Family offer and sending SMS to 2129 and 7777.
  • Whether it is Daily data bundle or Monthly data bundle, they should be re-subscribed by the customer after they are expired.
  • Friends and Family offers however will be renewed automatically every day and customer has to unsubscribe in order to cancel the automatic re-subscription.
  • The offer is limited time and can be withheld by the Warid Telecom any time.
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