Warid Launches its Poocho Sab Kuch Service

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(Last Updated On: 21/08/2013)

Warid is famous and leading telecom company in Pakistan. Warid telecom international is ABU DHABI based telecom industry. It provides many facilities to its users. It was launched in 2004 in Pakistan and until now it provides many service to the people of Pakistan. Now Warid telecom has launched it’s another service that is a POOCHO SUB KUCH service to the people of Pakistan. Before this Service it has also launched its ZAKAAT CALCULATOR in Ramadan that provide many facilities to the people of Pakistan in the zakat calculations in Ramadan. Now it has launched its pooch sub kuch offer to the people of Pakistan. It is search and answering engine and works through SMS. User can enter any question and warid will answer that question sms on mobile set. This service work just like any computer and internet services only the difference is that it answer through sms. User can get answer of his own choose website either Wikipedia, ask org and answers .Com. the process of questioning and answering is very simple.

The user has to send the question through sms and then an application page will be opened at the screen where different website will be mentioned user has to select the website of his choice and warid telecom sub kuch Pucho service will send a detailed answer by sms to the user. There are more than five telecom companies running in Pakistan including in these are Ufone, Telenor, Jazz, Zong no other company has launched such services for its users. Warid telecom is the first and foremost in its services. Easy English will be used in this question answer process.

Warid will answer the question instantly just after receiving the question. The user of the warid telecom will be charged to use this service Warid has made a code for this service that is 5544, the user has to use this code to ask any question. This is the number at which the user has to send the question. If new user wants to get information about this offer then he will also use the same code that is 5544. The charges for this offer is 0.80 plus tax on the telecom service. It is to be remembered that these charges are for one sms only. As many as question user will ask his balance will be deducted in the according to the same charges per sms. This service of the word telecom is manufactured by the word medium. This service is best for students and other people who have no direct access to internet and through this service they can search anything.

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