Xbox 360 Redesigned & Xbox One Price in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 16/06/2013)

Xbox One is all set to be released soon in November. Its price vary from country to country but in American US dollars its price is $ 499 and in PKR it will be around 50,000 rupees. The exact date is still not confirmed.Microsoft has also revealed the Smart Glass feature of Xbox one. It showed how the table or mobile application will start games, watch game clips or set up multi player games. Gaming clips will be available for all the users for the console has a build in DVR capability now.
Microsoft has also unveiled a new design of Xbox 360, it will have a newly made shell or core that gives it a look of Xbox One now. There is no change at all in its interior and applications but the change occurred only outside. It has straight sides now with a gloss split finish similar to Xbox One.
Xbox is all in one super-entertainment gaming console. Now games take you to the realm of realistic environment. And your television set becomes your super-fast slave to obey your commands. You could listen to music, dialogues of a movie while playing the game now. It is easy to switch over from game to movies and from movies to music instantly without any delay or interruption. All the entertainment is pushed in to one place called the Xbox One for you.

In Xbox you use your voice to command your television screen to show what you want, movies, game or music in a go. Imagination is life-like now. There are no unrealistic far-fetched gaming story ideas rather an entirely new and realistic gaming system. Xbox is very sensitive towards your gestures, sound, and movements since it comes in Kinect. Xbox also allows you to connect to people you want to while watching a match or enjoy a gaming clip of your choice. Xbox lives upon Cloud technology thus there is certainly no wait for gaming updates for you. Xbox 360 is redesigned with the previous price. It will resemble to Xbox One now. It is more modern in shape and compact in size now.


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