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1.5 Lac Pakistani Youth to Break Indian Record At Punjab University

Punjab youth Festival will achieve another level by breaking world records. What record is waiting to be broken? Yes, it is an Indian record that is going to be broken this time. The Youth of Punjab will gather and break the Indian record by singing the National Anthem of Pakistan all at one place, at the same time.

Sources claim that 1.5 Lac Young Pakistani People will gather at University of Punjab, New Campus. 19th of February will be the date when the Indian record will be shattered by Pakistani Youth.

India was able to get this record on 6th of May 2013 when 121,653 people gathered in Lucknow and sung the Indian National Anthem simultaneously. Before that, the record was held by Pakistan. 42,813 young people gathered in Punjab Youth Festival 2012 in the opening ceremony to achieve this record.

Even before that, India had the record of 15,000 people singing the national anthem of India together. Once again this record will be taken back by Pakistani Youth on 19th of February 2014.

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