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2014 For Pakistan According to Astrologists

2014 For Pakistan According to Astrologists

2013 is coming to an end and 2014 dawn is about to rise and everybody on the face of the earth is looking forward to the coming year everybody wants the coming year to be his year and almost everybody is hoping that this year will be his year. That’s why pianists and astrologists are very active nowadays as everybody wants to know what the coming year is to bring for him/her.

In this regard famous astrologist of Pakistan Humayoun Mehboob has come up with some very important predictions about Pakistan. We as a nation are looking forward to 2014 as year of peace and harmony. Lets see what are the major predictions of Mr. Humayoun Mehboob according to Humayoun “2014 relations with friend countries will be a bit disturb so we should be ready for helping ourselves “.

The second prediction of master of astrology isn’t a good news as well and it is “there will be natural disasters this year as well” May Allah prove this prediction of the astrologist wrong. The third prediction of Humayoun is a good news and that is “Pakistan will win 2014 T20 World cup” surely if it happens it will bring lots joys and smiles on the faces of Pakistanis. Fourth major prediction is also good for Pakistan and that is “Narinder Moody will become an Indian prime minister and will work for better relations between India and Pakistan”.

He also predicted that “there will be no Indo Pak war in 2014”. According to Humayon 2014 will be the year of Amir Khan, Katrina and Deepika. According to knowledge of Humayoun “Taliban will remain active this year as well”. For business men he predicted that rate of gold will increase after June. Well we hope that the worst predictions are proving to be wrong this year and may the good predictions comes true in good spirit.

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