7.67% Growth in Exports of Surgical Goods and Medical Instruments

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 27/02/2014)

During the period of July to January 2013-14, exports of Pakistani surgical goods and medical instruments have increased as compared to the last year. Last year these goods were exported worth 177.85 million dollars and this year during the seven months, goods worth 191.422 million dollars are exported. This shows an increase of 7.67 percent as compared to previous year.

According to the data provided by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, 50.032 million dollar worth of cutlery goods were exported which shows an increase of 2.56 percent in comparison to the same period last year.

Last year, during the same period of time, chemicals and pharma products accounted for 441.014 million dollars but this time it increased to 677.41 million dollars.

Pharmaceutical products showed a decrease of 0.92 percent and exports of plastic materials showed decrease of 4.29 percent as compared to previous year metrics.

Fertilizer exports decreased dramatically by 100 percent. Exports of  onyx manufactured recorded a growth of 34.09 percent. Onyx was exported worth 6.046 million dollars and 2,492 metric tons by weight. Last year it was 4.50 million dollar by worth and 1,713 metric tons by weight.

Exports of other chemicals increased by 192.90 percent. Last year a sum of 127.92 million dollars was achieved but this year a sum of 347.67 million dollars was achieved showing a tremendous amount of growth in chemicals export sector.


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