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Ayeza Khan & Danish Taimor Wedding Pictures

(Last Updated On: 31/08/2014)

Both of these stars would have acted in many marriage scenes during their career but this time its happening for real to them Yes! Dainsh Taimoor and Ayeza khan got married yesterday. Its worth mentioning here that both of them are cusions as well. Both these stars have taken off from work since 3 weeks and are were very busy in shopping for their wedding.

These love birds exchanged rings with each other in October 2013, means got engaged in October 2013 and decided to get married in August 2014. Now they got married on 14th August 2014, a day which is full of happiness. On a lighter note, our nation got independence on 14th August and Danish and Ayeza got life time prision with each other on 14th August. Well Ayeza was over the moon on her marriage.

It seemed that it’s a dream come true for her. She was looking exteremly beautiful and her dresses were amazing. On the other hand, Danish who was very happy and wasn’t stopping simling and why not? This day came after many hardships, there was times when there was some conflict going between families because Danish’s parents were a bit insecure as they were having reservations on having a daughter in law from showbiz. After that Danish’s parents came up with a condtion that Ayeza will leave showbiz after getting married to their son.

Danish Taimor Wedding Pictures
Danish Taimor Wedding Pictures
Ayeza Wedding Pictures
Ayeza Wedding Pictures

On this Ayeza showed patience and accepted their condition. Well Ayeza paid price for her love and have decided to leave industry for Danish. It’s a big sacrifice by Ayeza. Coming back to Ayeza’s wedding, most of the famous celebrities did participated in her wedding. The wedding was very nicely organized and guest felt very comfortable during the wedding ceremony. We wish the couple best of luck for the future and hope that Ayeza will soon be back again on small screen.

Ayeza Khan & Danish Taimor Wedding Pictures:

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