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Ayyan Controversial Video Song “You and I”

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 27/08/2014)
Ayyan Khan Controversial Video Song “You and I”

Ayyan Controversial Video Song “You and I”

The trend set by “one pound fish”, really is going high because now everybody is trying his / her luck in the singing because everybody think that if one pound fish can rock then why not me. After “one pound fish” we witnessed how “Eye to Eye” touched heights of fame although it was negative fame but yet he made it to television and was suddenly in discussion of everybody and everybody was talking about its pathetic poetry and inferior singing.

Well it’s not the end “Eye to Eye” has been awarded best eye song of year 2013 because it was most watched eye song on internet. After that Mathira came up with a song it became mega hit. The song was “Jhoota”, song was very ordinary but Mathira made it spicy with her bold clothing and bold gestures. Jhoota became mega hit and Mathira became a successful singer.

Ayyan Khan Video Song

Ayyan Khan Video Song

Now Ayyan another beautiful actress, model, host came up with her debut song “You and I” the song is being liked not because of its audio or lyrics or music but because of Ayyan Khan exposing her in the song. It really seemed like Ayyan Khan totally followed Mathira and concentrated on bold looks and bold cloths. Ayyan is often seen in Ufone ads, and is owner of very attractive and lively personality.

One can’t get to know that why Ayyan took this step? She was already touching heights fame and yet she involved herself in a controversial video song. Is she trying hard or trying shortcut to reach Bollywood or she is taking these measures to be discussed all over Pakistan. Lets see this step works for Ayyan.

Ayyan Video Song “You and I”:

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