Azfar & Naveen Shared Thoughts on Their Marriage

(Last Updated On: 26/05/2014)

Azfar and Naveen marriage was a surprise for everybody, and no one knows whether it was a pleasant surprise or not. For the fans of Salma it was surely not a pleasant surprise. To be frank it wasn’t a pleasant surprise for fans of trio. By trio I mean Azfar, Salma and Naveen. It was rather a shocking news because fans loved the couple of Azfar and Salma a lot and saw them as a perfect couple. Suddenly Azfar and Naveen came up with news of their marriage.

Azfar not only married Naveen but also left Salma for her which many couldn’t digest. Azfar has also a little angel his daughter from Salma. So it wasn’t an easy decision for Azfar to marry Naveen. Or he couldn’t resist to beauty of Naveen. Many are of the view that Salma was a better choice as compared to Naveen but it’s not people its Azfar and his life to decide what and who he needs.

Azfar is of the view that he has done a legal thing and still he has to give reasons for it. Azfar said while giving an interview that

“The beauty of it all is that having done the right thing makes you a wrong person or to make it clearer, having done something legal makes you immoral.”

He added that

“I can’t even call it right because there is a second woman and my daughter involved in it. I don’t want to explain to people how great I am with my daughter and how often I interact with Salma, moreover my ex-wife is very supportive. That’s simply our headache.”

On the other hand Naveen is of the opinion that I wouldn’t had to answer so many question if I hadn’t done Humsafar. She thinks that due to Humsafar her image in people is same as of her character in Humsafar. Naveen uttered “Had it not been for Humsafar, my marriage  have been such an issue.”

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