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Ban on Quranic Translation in Russia

Ban on Quranic Translation in Russia

Islam is fastest spreading religion in the world as it gives the most perfect way to live a life and to get successful hereinafter. Nowadays many steps are being taken by countries in west to suppress Islam or to stop its spreading. Lots of propaganda’s have been noticed that are being practiced to present Islam negatively. Muslims are being represented as terrorists well a bunch of Muslims can’t represent the whole Muslim Ummah. Islam is the religion of peace the world Islam itself means peace.

The teachings of Islam are very clear about peace and humanity. Islam teaches that if you save one life you save the whole humanity and if you kill someone it means you have killed the whole humanity. Islam teaches if you are in war, don’t kill children, women, elders of the opponent, not only this it also says that don’t kill their animals and don’t destroy their farms. How a religion with such teachings can order taking lives of innocent people or promote terrorism but still Islam is being represented in a very negative way its teachings and preachers are degraded or disgraced or are not allowed to practice their religion openly.

Few months back we saw that Hijab has been banned in France and some other European countries that step didn’t make any sense. Now Russian court has banned a Quranic translation of Azeri theologian named Elmir Kuliyev not only banning the translation but has order to destroy it. The translation has been declared illegal because it the court felt it is promoting extremism. The logic given behind extremism was that it has statements that promotes superiority of Muslims and several other such reasons have given behind banning this translation.

Muslims in Russia are already facing many difficulties in practicing their religion as there are many anti-religion/ anti-Islamic groups working around and few days back many Muslims were arrested without any reason and most of those are still under arrest. Such acts at government level in Russia have created panic and unrest in Muslims or Russia and Muslims all around the world.

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