Beautiful Teen Boys of Pakistan – Facts Report

This is facts revealing based Report Published in 2014.

Pakistani society is full of every kind of evils. Pakistani people all over internet searching for porn, women getting raped by group of men at the order of Panchayat, woman getting publicly beaten by her husband, girls sold for money, kids beaten by teachers in school and many other evils are all found in our country. Transgender are also not pardoned as there was once a case of a man marrying a transgender.

Malik Iqbal Gay Marriage

Malik Iqbal and Kashif (Rani) in Jail Malik Iqbal and Kashif

The latest trend is the movement of our society towards gay relationship. It is not girls anymore but young and beautiful teen boys are also getting into business.

An example of this would be a page labelled “Beautiful Teen Boys of Pakistan”. The description says

hi friends u can c the contact numbers of beautiful teen boys

Beautiful Teen Boys of Pakistan

Then as usual a lot of pictures of young boys, probably aged around 13-15 years. The pictures look like selfies and it seems that they are taken from mobile.

A brief description is also provided with each photograph like stylish, beautiful etc. so that viewers are encouraged to register and get the contact number of these boys.

Description about the teen boys


So the simple truth is that earlier our daughters and women were not safe and now our sons are not safe either. The encouragement of homosexuality in our society is very alarming. If such pages exist, anyone can access them very easily and teen boys might easily fall victim to this system.

The above mentioned page was requested to be removed and after a few days, Facebook removed the page but removal of page doesn’t solve the problem.

The problem is in our society where homosexuality and all other kinds of evils are growing rapidly and we must change our behaviors. Still it needs to be found that who were the admins of the page, how they managed to get such a huge number of photos and how they were running the business of supplying teen boys and in which areas they were active.

We as parents, guardians and adults need to keep a very close eye on our upcoming generation and must fight the evil surrounding our society and our children.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

Umer Farooq is a hobbyist British writer, who likes to write about Politics, Sports, Fashion and Technology. Having secured a Master’s degree in Executive Leadership from University of Ulster United Kingdom, he has a firm grip on current issues. Research work also is one of the his favourite areas and it came natural to him.


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  • Noor on 05/04/2014

    While I appreciate you bringing such Facebook pages to light and addressing the problem, the fact that you seem to equate homosexuality with pedophilia infuriates me. While homosexuality is a religious crime pedophilia is a crime against human beings, nature itself. Ergo, both things are NOT even close to being equal in magnitude. Please try not to trivialize atrocious crimes like this.


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