British Pakistani Boxer Amir Khan Defeats Luis Collazo

British Pakistani boxer Amir Khan once again proved that he is one of the best. He beat Luis Collazo of United States of America in Las Vegas by a huge, unanimous point’s victory over former World Champion Luis Collazo.

Dunya News- Amir Khan wins by unanimous decision by dunyanews

Amir Khan was not into a boxing ring against an opponent for more than a year and this was a huge test for him. He is going to become father in May 2014. His marital life is having troubles and he was under a lot of pressure. This victory has took off a lot of burden from his shoulders as he carries on moving forward swiftly in his international boxing career.

Amir Khan beating Luis Collazo

Amir Khan defeated Luis Collazo Amir Khan Left Punch to Luis Collazo Luis Collazo under Amir Khan dominance

Amir Khan dominant victory against Luis Collazo

Amir Khan dominated his opponent throughout the match and he lost only one round to his opponent. The following table is taken from Dailymail which is UK’s top news source and the author of the article named Jeff Powell made a scorecard according to which Amir Khan dominated his opponent heavily other than only one round.

Amir KhanRoundLuis Collazo

This was Amir Khan’s first fight in the welterweight. After bagging the victory over his opponent, he announced his wish to fight Floyd Mayweather and the sold out crowd at MGM Grand Garden Arena roared which sounded exactly as their approval of this wish of Amir Khan.

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