Demand for Metro Buses Increased

Well the passengers of Metro bus in Lahore are facing huge number of problem during their Journey. Punjab Government has no doubt provided a cheap source of transportation to the public but thats not it. There are several problems that the commuters of the bus service have to bear everyday they use t the service. According to the reports an average of 180000 people use this mega transport project but Metro project is not enough to carry all those passengers comfortably. Long lines can been seen at the stations where passengers wait for their turn to get in to Metro bus for a cheap journey.

Though the buses are luxurious but its journey in Lahore isn’t. The reason behind it is that users of the service are more there is huge lack of buses. According to an official the sometimes the numbers of commuters increases to 200000 per day which is a huge figure. Keeping in view the the mega mass of people at least 40 more buses are required for the 27 KM long route. There is capacity of 39 seats in a metro bus and standing capacity of 120 people with the buses moves on with at least overloading of 40 people which is not only making the passengers suffer but the engines of the buses are also suffering.

In May 2013 some of the buses went out of order and some more buses were added to route but still it doesn’t made any difference. Its worth mentioning here that fare of ticket of Metro bus is Rs. 20 but actual charges comes to Rs. 60. It means Rs. 40 is given as a subsidy by the Punjab Government. The Metro project is going through a loss of Rs. 5 Million per day stated by a newspaper. The loss which Punjab Government has borne since inauguration of the project is Rs. 1.5 Billion. A project which worth Rs.30 Billion and so far has gone through loss of Rs. 1.5 Billion must have given relif to the people using it!

But unfortunately people using the service are very frustrated and most of them say that all their energy is consumed during the journey, right from the time when they queue up in lines and ending up their journey by pushing and pulling people around. The Punjab government should work more on this project to make it profitable and comfortable.


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