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Dog Fights in Pakistan Illegal but Popular

Dog fighting in Pakistan is quite a popular sport. It is illegal in Pakistan but in many village areas of Pakistan and especially in Punjab, this illegal activity is conducted without the fear of being illegal. In most of the places, dog fighting events are conducted annually. Whole year, owners of the dogs do the preparations.

Although the dog fights are illegal, nonetheless huge crowds gather to observe these events. Usually the dog fights take place in winter. Rest of the year, the owners of dogs spend the time training the dogs for fights. In winter, 400 to 500 Rupees are spent on the dogs food and training on daily basis. Rest of the year the expenditure is around 25,000 to 30,000 Rupees. In winter a person or trainer is on duty the whole day to train, feed and exercise the dogs who will participate in the fights.

Dog fights have very simple rules. The fight continues until one of the dogs bleed to death, flee the fighting ground or the owner forfeit his animal from the duel. Prize money usually is quite low and only a few thousand but the most important thing for the winning dog’s owner is the pride.

These dogs are fed special food and it is hobby that demands a lot of attention, time and money. Their food includes chapatti, milk, gravy, meat, jam and butter. Organizers and participants of the dog fights can be put to six months prison sentence by law but police turns a blind eye on these events and let the popular sport event take place.

Wounded dogs have to be treated by the owner himself as the veterinary hospitals are for large animals and cattle. It would be possible to carry the dog to hospitals in cities like Islamabad but the villages are far from Islamabad and the expenses are quite high as well.


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