E-Office System to be Installed in Every Federal Ministry Soon

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 11/02/2014)

At least 28 Federal Ministries will get E-Office System. It was discussed in a meeting chaired by Ms. Anusha Rahman who is the Minister of State for IT. Progress of PSDP IT project was reviewed in this meeting. The meeting was attended by Additional Secretary (IT) Azmat Ranjha, DG (PCB) and other senior officials of MoIT and PCB.

DG (PCB) informed Ms. Anusha Rahman that Data Centre Facility was already acquired for e-Office Hosting, contracts were signed with the middle software vendors, data regarding basic parameters of the ministries was gathered and their analysis was completed as well.

E-Office or Electronic Office is a term widely used for computer based information technology used for carrying out office work.

The key contact persons of the Federal Ministries have been in contact with PCB team so that the system can be implemented in respective Ministry. The network connectivity between different ministries has been done through use of Optical Fibre Ring. 75% of network connectivity has been tested and it is working correctly.

Master trainers are training sub-trainers who will further train the employees of Federal Ministry in order to run the E-Office in the respective ministry. E-office system is already functional in Prime Minister’s Office, National Assembly and Information Technology Ministry.

Ms. Anusha Rahman directed that an IT Service Management Cell be established. It will register and address the issues faced by the end user of this system. She said that the said system will act as a key tool to make sure that the system was efficient, accurate, effective, transparent and will help in good governance and judging the accountability in decision making.

Ms. Anusha Rahman further said that indigenous industry of technology was utilized in order to develop and implement the E-Office. This will encourage the local industry to use the services of Pakistani IT experts following the government’s vision.

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