Eye to Eye by Tahir Shah Won Gold Medal and World Record Title

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 03/08/2014)

During the last year, Tahir Shah sung a song titled ‘Eye to Eye’. It went viral not due to its melodious tune but it was the most hated song, yet it bagged a huge viewership all over Pakistan and internationally.

The news worth sharing here is that this debut music video ‘Eye to Eye’ by Tahir Shah has won a World Record Title and a Gold Medal.

Record Holders Republic (RHR) England has awarded a Gold Medal to Tahir Shah for singing the Most Popular Eye Song of 2013.

People termed this song as a crappy one and heavy criticism was faced by Tahir Shah for singing the song. Facebook troll images were all over Facebook and everyone was talking about this song and making fun of it.

Eye To Eye Troll 1 Eye To Eye Troll 2

Aamir Liaquat invited Tahir Shah on his show on Geo TV and insulted him. No one was convinced that it was a good effort by Tahir Shah but now he has been rewarded very well for the song in the shape of a Gold Medal by Record Holders Republic.

It is not known that whether Tahir Shah did not release any other song after Eye to Eye was intentional or he is writing another one. He could have capitalized on the negative popularity and could have sung another song. It also might be the case that he is hurt from the negative response from the nation and might not sing any other song in his whole life again. Whatever the case is, it is encouraging for him.


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