Fast Bowler Mohammad Amir Got Married to Nargis

Yes Amir has found the love of his life in the shape of Nargis, Fast bowler Amir, who is facing 5 year ban has found lots of things to kill his time as he was recently offered a Movie which he very happily accepted and now is shooting that movie. After the movie he has found himself a lifetime activity and that is getting married. Muhammad Amir got married to a British national girl whose name is Nargis.

Many people would be in shock that how come Amir got married to Nargis. Well to clear the confusion, he has not married the actress Nargis but love his life her name is also Nargis. Fast bowler was very happy at his wedding and why shouldn’t one be happy after finding and getting love of life. Fast bowler looked extremely decent on his wedding and his dressing was outclass his wedding was attended by many close friends and relatives the wedding took place in Lahore.

Wife of Amir also looked very beautiful on all three events of the wedding. All the stars and cricketers wish the couple best of luck for the future and many wished to see Amir back on cricket ground soon. Everybody is hoping for Nargis to prove a lucky charm of Amir and his ban gets lifted soon. All cricket lovers want to see Amir back on ground as he is some amazing talent with a ball in his hand he was being compared with Waseem Akram at very early stages of his career. Right now we should focus on his wedding and may this couple live happily ever after

M. Aamir Got Nikkah to Nargis Video


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  • muhammad on 12/07/2015

    Hah. Of convenience happily ever after. Insha Allah


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