Fawad Khan Ranked 5th in Famous Actors of Bollywood

(Last Updated On: 03/11/2014)
Fawad Khan has really amazed and surprised top actors of Bollywood after making debut in Bollywood. The Pakistani actor was casted in big banner movie Khoobsurat and after watching Khoobsurat most of the viewers has admired his acting talents and looks.

According to website that ranks Bollywood celebrities on monthly basis according to their fame has ranked Fawad Khan 5th most famous star of the month in that Fawad Khan has left Amitabh behind as well. According to website Salman Khan is at number 1 , Hirithik Roshan at second, Shahrukh Khan at third and Akshay Kumar at 4th ranking.
It is a big honor for Fawad to be ranked among the big names of Bollywood. It really will be a confidence booster for Fawad Khan. Fawad Khan has hired a dance teacher to make more impact in Bollywood. Ali Zafar was at 38th number in the ranking.

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