Future of Warid Telecom in Pakistan

When Warid Telecom declined to participate in 3G and 4G auction in Pakistan, its customers were confused and enraged over this decision.

Warid Telecom is going through a difficult phase as it is having the smallest piece of market share in Pakistan Telecom Industry. Their only source of income is post-paid customers where it is leading the industry.

Investors of Warid Telecom are from Abu Dhabi and they were not willing to invest in the sinking ship of Warid for the 3G and 4G auction.

Warid decided to take advantage of its 4G LTE license. 4G LTE is next generation technology and it is advanced than the 4G technology. The problem is that customers ought to have 4G LTE enabled devices. Sources say that Warid has talked Samsung into providing 4G LTE devices to its customers at cheaper prices.

Warid has 1800 Mhz license of 4G LTE and it can start the services anytime. But that’s not it as the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority doesn’t seem willing enough to allow Warid Telecom to start 4G LTE services before 3G and 4G technologies become norm in the industry.

In addition PTA said that Warid did not participate in Next Generation Mobile Service Award and it is not as easy as it seems. Chairman PTA Dr. Ismail Shah met Warid Telecom CEO Mr. Munir Farooqi and discussed this issue.

Warid has also issued a statement that states that Warid doesn’t intend to launch 4G LTE right away but in order to keep up with the competition, Warid will do all it takes but he also indicated that PTA terms and conditions and permission will be a priority before launching 4G LTE.

Conclusively it could be said that Warid is passing through a tough time. It doesn’t have 3G and 4G licenses and in order to keep its current customers going, Warid must make use of 4G LTE license and has to convince PTA in this regard otherwise the company is as good as shut.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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