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Geo Stood Up Against ISI & Sued It

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 22/06/2014)

Well the story of ISI and Geo is not over yet as there is a twist in the tail. Geo has got order for shutting down the channel for 15 days and paying Rs. 100000000 as fine fee. Geo and Jung group shut downed their transmission for 15 days and before shutting down the channel everybody watching Geo heard its news anchors saying that we dont agree with the suspension but still we are shutting down the channel in respect of PEMRA. The same sentence was repeated by many anchors of the Geo news before going off the air. Geo was shut downed because it did defamation of the spy agency of Pakistan and that is ISI. Pakistan inter services intelligence was supported by people of Pakistan and lots of strikes were seen in the country when ISI was accused of attack on Hamid Mir, famous news anchor and host of Geo News. It was indeed a very childish approach by the channel representative to accuse ISI for the attack. This really spread like fire in the Jungle and almost everybody condemn the comment of Geo’s representative. Right after that Blasphemous act by Geo news added fuel to the fire and religious parties came in to action.

Now as Geo has been banned for 15 days and also have been fined for defaming country’s most sensitive organization. Geo have sued ISI for defaming it as an anti-state group and have served the notice to ISI. In notice it has asked ISI to apologies for defaming the channel and group and also have asked to pay its price as 500 Million Dollars. well that’s kind of brave from a TV channel which is being banned for defaming the sensitive spy agency of the state. Well according to critics its a proactive step by Geo News as it has rebelled against ISI.

On the other hand chairman of Pakistan Tehreek ensaf is not satisfied with the time of punishment of Geo news he is off the opinion that punishment should have been greater. Was it a wise step from Geo to Sue ISI or not? or what are the objectives behind suing ISI only time will tell.

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