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Geo TV Cyber Wing Exposed By Twitter Reported ARY News

(Last Updated On: 29/06/2014)

Well the rivalry between Geo and ARY Network is very intense nowadays. Geo faced 15 days ban as punishment of defaming Pakistan’s ISI then ARY News faced 3 day ban for nothing special. Now its been published on ARY news website that the Cyber Crime Wing of the Geo News has been exposed by famous social media website Twitter. Its been stated that Geo Network has a special wing which is involved in defamation of those who are against of Geo Network.

The report of Twitter revealed that lot of Twitter Id’s were made through only one Internet Protocol Address and all those ID’s were noticed to be involved in defaming or spreading hate against a sect or a person.  ARY digital also posted the copy of mail by Twitter which is here under. The social media website also revealed that Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s leader Imran Khan and other news networks were targeted by this cyber wing. Officials of twitter also stated that such acts are against their rules and Twitter holds right to ban such ID’s.

Well the rivalry of these channels have gone too serious. The report also said that Director of Strategy Planning of Geo News was supervising the cyber wing. Wow if its true than very intelligent of Geo Network because social media nowadays is the best way to reach out people. Those who don’t watch news or sit in front of TV uses social media a lot and without even wanting they get news from their friends on their pages. So a nice strategy i will say from Geo. Social media war is a key factor in setting the minds of both supporters and enemies. ARY news not only broadcasted this news on their channels but also have posted it on their offical website and the news is spreading like fire in the jungle.

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