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Ghulam Ali Salma Agha’s Son All Set to Make Debut In Bollywood

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 24/06/2014)

Well its history repeating itself, 2 decades ago it was Salma Aga who was moving to Bollywood to touch heights of fame and this time, after her daughter Sasha, Ghulam Ali is all set to perform in Bollywood. Well Ghulam Ali is son of Salma from her second marriage and that was with famous squash coach Rehmat Ali. Nowadays every one is going to Bollywood to try his or her luck out there. Children of Salma Aga are doing the same and that is trying their luck.

Many actors from Pakistan have move to Bollywood to get fame but most of them came back empty handed. Its worth mentioning here that Salma Aga has moved to Mumbai to make her children successful. Ghulam Ali has got offer from Indian movie and soon he will be seen on silver screen. Meera, Veena, Humaima, Mona Lisa all of them have tried out their luck. Meera went flop, Veena did survive due to her extra curricular activities but didn’t got the response she needed, results of Humaima are still to come, Mona Lisa changed her name to get fame in Bollywood but in the end she has came back to her previous name Monsa Lisa.

Its been seen that in Bollywood the children of past heroes and heroines are successful. Recently son of Jacky Sharoff has joined the party and his debut movie is about to release. Hirithik Roshan son of Rakesh Roshan is also successful, Akshay Khanna son of Vinod Khanna etc etc. So its a nice sign of Salma Aga. Salma Aga also hold British nationality that’s why she has so easily settled in Mumbai. It seems Salma Aga is damn serious for making her children successful in Bollywood which she was unable to do. We wish Salma Aga and her children best of luck. Salma Aga has been part of both Pakistan and Indian film industry as an actress and as a singer.

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