Hamza Abbas is Not Marrying Saba Qamar

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 24/07/2014)

The Afzal of Pyary Afzal, I mean Hamza Abbas and Saba Qamar were scandalized by media that they are getting married soon. The news was all around media and was also seen on many blogs and websites that both extremely talented actors are in to each other and are soon going to tie knot. After such drama now Hamza Abbas came up with a clarification that there is nothing going between the two actors plus he also clarified that they are not going to get married to each other. The dashing Hamza Abbas straight forwardly rejected all the rumors of getting married to the pretty lady. The rumor of both actors getting married spread like fire in Jungle but Hamza’s comment settled everything. Hamza was very mad at journalists and websites which spread such rumors and he stated his comments out loud. This is he said

“I have read some articles claiming that me and Saba Qamar are getting married. This is totally baseless and a false news and i am utterly disappointed at those media outlets who published this nonsense. This news caused much distress to me and Saba, who is an extremely close and dear friend of mine. I am very disappointed indeed! Height of irresponsible journalism!”

Well the actor has got a point, this rumor won’t had only disturbed beautiful Saba and Hamza but their families as well. Journalists should really should respect privacy of actors and shouldn’t come up with rumors just to get some publicity or traffic on their sites. Hamza also cleared that he and Saba are very close and very good friends. So things cleared, and good news for all the ladies who are dreaming to get handsome Hamza Abbas. They still have chance to get their Pyary Afzal.

Hamza Ali Abasi


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