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Inam Ghar By Geo Network Aamir Liaqat

Inam Ghar By Geo Network

(Last Updated On: 03/04/2014)

Geo Network has once again came up with a mega show and Geo network is really good at introducing new programs. Once again the mega project is hosted my Dr. Amir Liaquat, the name of the program is Inam Ghar. Well this program has reminded many of Neelaam Ghar which was then named Tariq Aziz Show. Neelam Ghar was very famous show of 90’s.

Inam Ghar is more or less designed on same format but some interesting amendments has been made in the format of program to differentiate it from Neelam Ghar. The main difference between Neelam Ghar and Inam Ghar is that host of Inam Ghar tries to involve maximum audiences in the show almost everybody attending the show gets chance to win something. Different segments of the program are Mufta, Lagao Tukka, Car War Ly Ja Yaar, Pakistan Ideal.

Many interactive games are also part of the show. The program is designed to provide full entertainment to both who are attending and those who are watching it on TV. Amir Liaquat himself has written, directed and produced the show. Amir Liaquat who has been nominated in top 500 islamic personalities who are being followed but the show is not a religious one as it is full of fun and entertainment and as such no aspect of religion is added in the program. The host openly interacts with all audiences and tries to give something to all the participants.

Some people are of the opinion that Amir Liaquat make fun of those participants who have some physical problems so that he can provide maximum entertainment. In first program of the show Dr. Amir Liaquat gifted a couple with a infant child, the couple didn’t have any children. This issue was highly criticized not only in Pakistani media but also created a buzz in international media, that there is a guy in Pakistan who gifts children in his program.

The program has soon far been rated as very successful. Many are of the opinion that this program came out as result of success of Aman Ramzan transmission where Dr. Amir Liaquat was seen almost for the whole day on TV. So far the program is doing good lets see what other channels come up with in competition of Inam Ghar.

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