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Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha Support Geo & Hamid Mir

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 02/05/2014)

Hamid Mir’s episode is getting intense day by day and it’s Geo Network that is facing troubles as the time is passing by. Hamid Mir’s statement that ISI attacked him has really filled anger in any patriot across the country. The issue is nowadays hot issue, when Nawaz Sharif went to hospital and shown concern about the health of Hamid Mir. Everybody was shocked even his own party members were saying that indeed a wrong step by prime minister in wrong time.

One of his party member said that government has shown that whom they support. Unrest has been seen in every organization of the country whether it’s Army, Government or Media. Everybody is worried about end of Hamid Mir’s incident. Already huge rallies are being seen all around the country in support of Army and ISI and against Geo Network. In such crucial circumstances the Indian foreign minister wrote a letter in favor of Hamid Mir. In letter he has supported Hamid Mir and have requested Prime Minister of Pakistan to ensure the safety of Hamid Mir and Geo.

He further said that it’s really sad to hear that Geo in on verge of getting banned due to the statement of Hamid Mir. Indian foreign minister wrote that there is great contribution from Hamid Mir in terms of freedom of press. A letter in such a crucial time can further weaken the condition of Geo Network as there are already rumors in Pakistan that Geo Network totally is following instructions from India and many say that it’s an Indian channel.

Letter from Indian foreign minister totally support of Geo and Hamid Mir could be dangerous for Geo Network. In such crucial circumstances New York Times has also revealed the involvement of Geo employee in Mehran Base attack. Lets see what happens in end of Hamid Mir’s incident wether Geo survives or statement of New York Times and letter of Indian foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha prove to be last nail in coffin.

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