Jamshed Ansari’s 9th Death Anniversary is Today

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 27/08/2014)

He worked on National Television, radio, stage and has always brought smiles to the viewers and listeners of his programs. He is none other than Jamshed Ansari. His 9th death anniversary is today.

Jamshed Ansari was born on 31st of December 1942 in Utar Pardesh’s city of Saharan Pur. He was only 6 years old when he migrated along with his parents to Karachi after Pakistan came into being in 1947.

After graduation; Jamshed Ansari went to London where he worked in BBC for some time and he did some Television production courses over there. He came back after a while and entertained people with his acting. His artistic career is 40 years long and during this time he entertained people on longest running radio program “Hamid Miyan Ke Haan”. He acted in the program as “Safdar” which is hard to forget.

He also acted in around 200 Television dramas and his famous dramas include Uncle Urfi, Ghora Ghaas Khata Hai, Tanhayan, An-Kahi, Jharokay, Doosri Aurat, Zer Zabar Pesh and Manzilain. His career was not limited to Television and Radio only but he also acted on stage and his famous stage dramas include Bakra Qiston Par.

In the beginning of 2005, Jamshed Ansari was diagnosed brain tumor and the same year on 24th of August; Jamshed Ansari left us all. Some of his dialogues are still very famous including ‘Chaku hai meray paas’, ‘qataye nahi’, ‘Afshaan tum samajh nahi rahi ho’ and ‘zor kis par hua’. Although he is gone for nine years but still his memories make television viewers smile.

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