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Junaid Jamshed Joining Azadi March

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 31/08/2014)

Azadi March fever can be sensed throughout the country, all the PTI supporters are very excited about the march not only PTI lovers but every single Pakistani is very much concerned about the march as this march can change the dynamics of the country. Every Pakistan Threek e Insaf lover or follower wants a change in the country, change from traditional and corrupt politicians who just work for their own benefits and doesn’t work for people of the country who selected them.

This time Pakistan Threek e Insaf is up against the rigging that has been observed during the elections 2013. Everybody admits that nobody has seen such huge number of people coming out of their houses for voting and it’s just because of Imran Khan who gave this vision to nation to come out and elect the one they love. Imran Khan really pushed people to come out and vote. Imran Khan highlighted the importance of vote and the nation did come out to vote Imran but unfortunately due to high level of rigging Pakistan Threek e Insaf couldn’t win the elections but came up the second most powerful political party of the country now Imran Khan don’t want anyone to steal the mandate that people of Pakistan gave him.

That’s why Imran Khan is leading the Azadi March so that he can free this country from traditional politics. Many famous celebrities are supporting Pakistan Threek e Insaf, Ibrar ul haq, Shahzad Roy, Atta ul lah khan, Veena Malik, Imran Abbas and many more. Few days back we have seen Imran Abbas joining the concert to support Pakistan Threek e Insaf. It’s been reported today that Junaid Jamshed will be joining Pakistan Threek e Insaf’ Azadi March.

It’s been written on official webpage and the exact words on the page regarding Junaid Jamshed joining the Azadi march are “Junaid Jamshed wants everyone to join Imran Khan at #AzadiSquare, he will be there today. Everyone in Pakistan understands that there is this elite status quo class who have looted people’s assets through taxes and corruption. If you will not break your fear now, then you will be servants to this Badshahat forever. Now is the time, get to #AzadiSquare and save Pakistan for your children’s future”

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