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KFC & Macdonals Aftari Deals

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(Last Updated On: 16/07/2014)

To make your aftari special every restaurant and fast food chain comes up with a wonderful offers of Aftari. Reasons behind it is that in Ramzan most of the people keeps fast and several dishes are being cooked at their houses for Aftari and when a person have lots of good things available at home then its very illogical to go outside for hosteling, this brings down the business of the restaurants and fast food chains.

In this regard fast food chains and restaurants across the country comes up with Sehri and Aftari deals and those deals are so big and attractive that one thinks to attain it as such deals aren’t available in whole the year. In the same manner KFC and Macdonal’s have came up with their Sehri and Aftari deals. The deals are very attractive, Macdonal’s Aftar deal has been named Dine Divine.

Mcdonald’s Aftar Deals:

The deal has been divided in to two sections on the basis of price and quantity of things. In Rs. 350 plus tax you can have Mc Chicken, Mc Bites 9 pieces with sauce and medium drink. The other deal is of 450 Rupees plus tax and in that you can get Spicy McCrispy, McBites 9 pieces with sauce and Medium drink. Please note that the offer is available till 2 hours after Aftar. To order your package you can also call 1112-44-622.

Mcdonald Pakistan Iftar Sehri Deal 2014 Ramadan

Mcdonald Pakistan Iftar Sehri Deal 2014 Ramadan

KFC Aftar Deals:

This year KFC has came up with a very simple but very economical Aftar deal and that is you can enjoy regular burger of KFC with a regular drink in just Rs. 225/-. This simple but awesome offer can be availed from Aftari till sehri. To order your deal you can call on 111-532-532.

KFC Pakistan Iftar Sehri Deal 2014 Ramadan

KFC Pakistan Iftar Sehri Deal 2014 Ramadan


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