Launch of White Smooky Rose Perfume by The Body Shop

Well those who missed the launching event of “White Musk Smooky Rose” by famous beauty and cosmetics brand The Body Shop they really have missed out some quality entertainment. Whit Musk Smooky Rose is a new perfumer launched by The Body shop. The event was wonderfully organized, the event was full of colors and celebrities. The show was hosted by Suleeman Ansari and top Radio Jokie of Islamabad.

In Islamabad every week you come to know that some new brand has been launched but this product was one amazing one. The introduction and presentation of the project was beautifully directed and staged. It not very often that you see such incredible launching of the product. Half of the event was planned outside the mall, two stages were set one for the singers where they came and performed the other stage was for models where they were walking with glamour and style on the songs sung by the singers.

Security plannings were admirable the most interesting part of the event was launching of the perfume “White Musk Smooky Rose” as some extraordinary lighting was designed for its launching, famous model Saima Azhar launched the perfume. The mall was echoing with clapping of the audiences when the perfume launched. Its good to see some quality products are being launched in Pakistan.

The trend of introducing brands has increased over last five years as brands have realized that Pakistan is also a potential market to launch products many clothing brands have been introduced and many celebrities are involved in launching those. Not only showbiz celebrities launched their brands but Shahid Afridi Shahid Afridi also launched his brand of Kurtas. The event was by those organized red carpet for Waar Movie and they once again have done a marvelous job.

White Smoky Rose Launch

White Musk Smoky Rose Launch

The Body Shop 'White Musk Smoky Rose' Launch

The Body Shop 'White Musk Smoky Rose



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