Literature Against Pakistan Printed in Karachi, Taught in Baluchistan

(Last Updated On: 14/01/2014)
Anti-Pakistan Material Recovered in Baluchistan

Anti-Pakistan Material Recovered in Baluchistan

Frontier Constabulary claimed that during a raid on a college in Baluchistan, a lot of material was taken into custody. This material was full of hatred propaganda against Pakistan.

A spokesperson of Frontier Constabulary during a briefing given to media in provincial capital Quetta told the media that during the raid on Atta Shad College situated in Turbat, maps of independent Baluchistan, posters, digests and banners were recovered that were full of hatred against Pakistan. According to the spokesperson, the raid was conducted after a confidential source of Frontier Constabulary informed them of the presence of such material.

The spokesperson further informed the media that the recovered material was printed in majorly in neighbour countries and Karachi and this material included books written on Gandhi and Nehru.

He also said that a student organisation of Baluchistan was involved in this act. They took the college administration hostages and were forcing the administration to teach this literature to the students by force and at the same time preparing the students to go against their own country Pakistan.

According to the correspondent, no arrests took place but students and teachers of the college who were taken hostages have been successfully recovered without any resistance.

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