Man and Woman Stoned to Death in Loralai Quetta

Written by Ahmad A.R
(Last Updated On: 18/02/2014)

A village in Loralai district of Quetta observed a couple stoned to death on suspicion of illicit relations. According to a Levies Force official, Abdul Latif Jogezai, the incident happened in the early morning time in the Manzkai village of Loralai.

“The people of the village stoned to death the man and the woman who were not married to each other. Rather they were married to other people”

Additionally the official also informed that no funeral prayers were offered for them. The incident took place after a local cleric issued a fatwa against both of them. Both dead bodies were buried after the incident. Slain Daraz Khan was buried in Katoti area and the woman was buried in her village.

Mr. Jogezai told the media that when the officials received the news of the incident, they reached to the village of Manzkai and were able to arrest the cleric who issued the fatwa of stoning and six other people were also arrested who stoned the man and the woman to death.

Officials say that a case has been registered against people of Manzkai village and most of the residents were reporting to be fleeing the village in order to avoid arrest.

Human Rights Activist Samar Man Ullah said that our society itself is responsible for such incidents and this is a behavior in the society that we have to fight against. Islamic scholar Mufti Naeem said that stoning to death or any kind of death penalty cannot be awarded by a Jirga or a person, it is the duty of the state to implement such decisions. Courts are for this very purpose and killing someone due to doubt is not Islamic act.


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