Mathira’s Response on Critics of Song “Jhoota”

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 05/01/2014)

Jhoota featuring Mathira and Arbaz Khan, a 12 year old rapper, went viral after it was released on the 1st day of the New Year. Few liked it but few felt it inappropriate as well and criticized the song and its video as well.

Public criticized Mathira harshly by saying she is acting as a child molester and Mathira was expected to reply to her critics.

She considers it a result of Pakistan’s chronic double standards and has said that

It’s a nice, lovable and cute video and there is nothing chichora about it

It’s just different, and I have no idea why people are creating such an issue about it because it’s not controversial at all.

Mathira seemed shocked by the public response and in fact she called it a strange response by public as she believes that working with a 12 years old boy was cute.

What if a kid is praising me in cute fashion?

She further questioned her critics

What’s wrong with a young boy coming up to you and saying that you are so beautiful? After all, appreciation does come in many forms.

She explained the concept behind the video of her song. It was like a young fan that accidently meets Mathira and he praises her beauty in his very own way.

Mathira believes that Arbaz Khan is a young and talented musician who has wrote all the lyrics himself and she expressed it as

More than promoting new talent, it was an honour for me and Arbaz Khan to perform alongside on another, and haters will hate no matter what I do

She forgot here that haters basically hated her acting sexy and felt she was quite vulgar in front of a kid who was only 12 years old.

She insists with her ideology of Pakistanis being double standard as she expressed her view that people in Pakistan would search for Priyanka Chopra in a sexy swimsuit and watch her while they cannot stand her wearing a jumpsuit and consider it vulgar and bad.

She further mentioned that why would people consider it vulgar for a kid featuring in a video along a girl wearing jumpsuit while everyone knows that kids at this age have already listened to much vulgar songs like Candy Shop.

Mathira further added that

We should not mix media and entertainment with culture. Media is flashy, glamorous and fake, so let be like that!

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