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Meera Married to Captain Naveed

“Meera Married My Son” Says Father of Captain Naveed

Controversies controversies controversies … this what Meera is dealing with nowadays.  It seems that now Meera has got this specialization in field of being part of news. Recently she has been part of many scandals. Her marriage issue is really been a roller-coaster.

Her video on internet has really made people think what she was up to when she thought that she should make video of such type. Meera denied that it wasn’t her video it was someone else at her place may be a duplicate. Getting back to Meera’s wedding issue. This time it’s not Meera it’s not Captain Naveed who raised the issue to Meera and Naveed Marriage its father on Captain Naveed who came up with another twist in story and that is, Meera got married to his son in October 2013.

Wow its really getting interesting, father of Mr. Naveed is trying to convince people that his son married Meera on the other hand most of the people even have seen what can be said to be wedding night of Meera and Naveed on internet which has been clearly denied by the beautiful and bold Meera.  Was it Meera in that video or not but one thing is sure that Meera is back in news and this time with a big bang.  Even Veena will be surprised by this act of publicity.

In reply of comments of Captain Naveed’s father she said that people don’t want me to build the hospital which is my dream project. Well do marriage stops an individual to stop charity or welfare work??

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