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Mehroz Earns World’s Youngest Microsoft Expert Title for Pakistan

A student of 9th standard named ‘Mehroz’ has earned the World’s Youngest Microsoft Expert title for Pakistan. Mehroz is only six years old. He is a resident of Lahore.

He passed two Microsoft tests on the same day and surprised the whole world. The two tests passed were Microsoft Certified Technologist and Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate.

He broke the records of Arfa Karim and Aziz Awan from Pakistan to become the youngest Microsoft Certified Technologist and Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate.

The resident of Karim Park in Lahore, Mehroz wishes to become President of Pakistan in the future and he wants to make Pakistan a technologically developed country.

This great feat shows that Pakistan has no scarcity of brilliant minds that can surprise the world any given day. A few days ago, a Pakistani kid Fatima Khulood Zia who is only six years old was included in the list of worlds most intelligent persons and she is titled as the youngest most intelligent girl in Pakistan.

The only problem in our country is that these minds are not put to their potential and government support in this regard is disappointing. In order to make Pakistan an advanced country, these minds must be dealt with care and put to work according to their potential.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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