Mobilink Jazz Goes 3G

Another lift in the telecommunication technology in Pakistan has been observed on 23rd April 2014 as the licenses of 3G & 4G has been sold by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.  All telecom companies have taken the offer and were there for bidding. Total 6 licenses were offered by PTA in which 4 licenses were of 3G which were further segregated in 10 and 5 GHz i.e. 2 Nos. 5 GHz and 2 Nos. 10 GHz and licenses were of 4G.

Mobilink one of the pioneer cellular network of Pakistan managed to buy 1 license of 3G with 10 GHz frequency. Mobilink is one the most popular networks of Pakistan and has very wide coverage all over Pakistan. Mobilink and Zong are the networks who have managed to get 10 GHz 3G license. While Telenor  and Ufone managed to buy 5 GHz licenses.

Frequencies play vital role in class and quality of service to be provided. Mobilink has always tried to provide advance projects to its users and have remained one of the most famous cellular network since the mobiles phones had been introduced to Pakistan. Mobilink also known as Jazz has recently sponsored Pakistan’s first Pakistan Idol and its major representative is Ali Zafar.

Regarding Ali Zafar, he first joined Mobilink but then moved to Teleonor after that Mobilink again hired him. Now adays the one liner of Mobilink is Har Dil Har Din.
After getting 3G license the President and CEO of Mobilink said

“The acquisition of the license is a testament to the commitment that Mobilink and its parent company VimpelCom has made to Pakistan to bring the best voice and data services and seamless connectivity through cutting edge technology. As we roll-out NGMS services on our network, we will ensure that our customers continue to enjoy the best EDGE services on more than 9000 cell sites across Pakistan.”


Mobilink Jazz Goes 3G
Mobilink Jazz Goes 3G

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  • Rabnawaz khan
    30/04/2014 at 12:17 PM

    I like it because with it this country will going to make progress and improvement in the field of education inshallah and thanks for bringing this technology in pakistan and congrats to all pakistanis.


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