Next Level of Smart Phone 3D Phones

(Last Updated On: 01/07/2014)

Yes you heard it right, soon you are going to experience 3D videos and images on your smart phone. This world has never seen so much technological changes in such a short time. Everyday we see new technology replacing the older one. Technology is changing so fast that one couldn’t imagine. Technology has really changed the face of earth and specially lots of things have changed in past two decades. Internet has revolutionized this world in to a global village.

New generation of Personal computers and cell phones have really contracted the distances. One can see their loved ones live within seconds with help of high tech devices. If one call this era, Era of cell phones so it wont be wrong. Everybody wants latest cell phone in hand and it is very rapidly taking place of personal computers and laptops. The usual applications that we use on our PC’s are now available at our cell phones. The cell phones craze started in late 90’s and this craze is increasing day by day.

The introduction of touch cell phones and smart phones have once again revolutionize the cellular world and now smart phones is moving on to new era as Amazon, an american company is going to introduce 3D smart phones. Now one will be able to see the images and videos in a way that he/she will feel to be a part of it. Its been said that this cell phone will be consisting 6 cameras. A front, back camera and 4 cameras will be placed in corners of the display or LCD of the phone.

These phones will be using ratina reading technology, the technology is that these cameras at corners will read the position of ratina. The technology lovers are waiting anxiously for this phone to be released. It’s been said that promo of the phone will be released in June 2014 and this phone will be available in market by September 2014.

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