Pakistan Exports ‘Brazuca’ Before FIFA World Cup 2014

Every one of us is well aware of the fact that Pakistani made footballs will be used in the Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Latest reports say that over 42 million soccer balls have been exported from city of Sialkot before the start of FIFA Football World Cup 2014. Adidas is selling each ‘Brazuca’ in retail at 160 dollars.

Sources in Sialkot Dry Port told the news sources that effort has been made in order to arrange timely export of this consignment.

Sialkot made ‘Brazuca’ will be used in FIFA World Cup 2014 and this will happen after a gap of 32 years. Forward Sports Sialkot has made these balls for Adidas. Brazuca is an informal term describing the Brazilian way of life.

Sialkot has always been famous for excellent craftsmanship and unmatched skills of the local workers. ‘Tango Ball’ was produced at Sialkot and these balls were used in FIFA World Cup 1982. From that time till now, soccer ball industry in Sialkot has been growing.

Major international giant brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, Select, Litto and many more get their supply from city of Sialkot. 99 percent of products from Sialkot are exported to different countries worldwide. Small and medium industries of Sialkot earn a foreign exchange of over 1.6 Billion US dollar annually for Pakistan and are serving well in order to strengthening the economy of Pakistan.

Sialkot city is catering 85 percent of the needs of the whole world demanding for hand stitched inflatable balls. This means that Sialkot city sends 60 million footballs annually to the world.

This is a proud moment for Pakistan and although Pakistani Football team is not participating in FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 but none of them would have been able to play if it weren’t for Pakistan.

Umar Farooq
Umar Farooq

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  • Arsalan Khan on 29/05/2014

    42 million football for 17 million rupees? R u eating grass? It would mean 2-3 footballs for a single rupee. Lamest thing i could read in a long time.

  • kamran hayder on 29/05/2014

    42 million? come on. Pakistan has got order of 3000 footballs only. Secondly, you said that 42 million footballs amout to 17.473 million Rs. Mean one football for Just .42 Rs (42 paisas), which means 1 Re. mein 2 footballs..21 topon ki salami apki soch ko


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